Purchase and discounts

1. Single license

A single user license allows the user to register X-Mirage on one Mac.


2. Volume licenses

We offered volume licenses discount as follows:

2 - 9
10 - 49
50 - 99
100 - 249
250 +

Purchase directly from the Store page. Pricing is automatically calculated based on the quantity entered for X-Mirage.

This is the best choice for schools, enterprises or any organizations, but please note that each volume license is valid for one X-Mirage registration.


3. Education license

We specially offer additional discounts for schools, government and non-profit organizations. Click the below link to enjoy the lower prices if you are eligible

Order Education Licenses


4. Free license

Free license is for Apple employees, distinguished educators, bloggers, reviewers, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter expert who plan to review or promote it. Like single license, a free license allows the user to register X-Mirage on one computer.

Of course you can. Download X-Mirage from our website and install it on your Mac, you can use it for 7 days without buying it. But as a trail version, the mirroring will disconnect after 6 minutes each time.

Registered users can enjoy all updates of X-Mirage for free. Also you can get free technical support whenever you have any questions using X-Mirage. Besides, your license will never expire.


Enter password in the Settings panel shown as below. Once set password for X-Mirage, anyone wants to mirror iOS devices to this Mac will be requested to enter password on the iOS devices, thus prevent unwanted users.

Enter name in the Settings panel shown as below. The default name of your X-Mirage is X-Mirage[your Mac’s name]. If you are in a school or office where there are multiple Macs installed X-Mirage, you’d better set a new name for your X-Mirage to distinguish from others.

AirPlay Mirroring

Download, install and run X-Mirage on your Mac, enable AirPlay Mirroring on your iPhone or iPad, then you can see the mirrored screen on your Mac.

If you download and install X-Mirage to your Mac, you will definitely know how to use AirPlay Mirroring, since there are detailed tutorials on the interface, including iPhone running iOS 6 and iOS 7, iPad running iOS 6 and iOS 7 and Mac running Mountain Lion.


It’s different to enable AirPlay Mirroring on iOS6 and iOS7:

If you are running iOS 6, double-click the Home button to display your recently used apps. Swipe the recently used apps from left to right until you see the AirPlay icon. For iPads, it's a single swipe, for the iPhone and iPod touch it's two swipes. On iOS 7, just swipe up to bring up Control Center and you'll see the AirPlay icon just above the Camera and Calculator icons.


Tap the AirPlay icon and you will see a selection X-Mirage[your Mac's name], tap it and turn on Mirroring.

The AirPlay button only shows when an AirPlay enabled device/speaker is found on the same network. Please make sure X-Mirage is running on your Mac and your iOS devices and Mac are on the same network. Ensure you are running the latest version of X-Mirage and have the latest iOS software.

Or please click Rebroadcast Services as shown in the below picture.

With AirPlay, you can stream content straight from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to your big screen television. This requires the apps are AirPlay-enabled. See the AirPlay-enabled apps.

When you run these apps on your devices, tap the AirPlay icon and select X-Mirage to stream contents on your Mac.

AirPlay Mirroring lets you show exactly what’s on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch screen to everyone on your HDTV.

So if you are running apps that are not AirPlay-enabled, just tap AirPlay on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, select X-Mirage and turn on Mirroring to mirror the screen on your Mac.


After mirroring iPhone or iPad screen to Mac, you will see the one-click recoding option on the right side of the mirrored screen. Tap the record button to start recording, then use your iOS devices as normal, and tap the record button again to stop recording. Then you will be prompted to export the video.

Click Library on the interface of X-Mirage and find the file you want to export, double-click the file to open the X-Mirage Converter window and start export. After it is finished, you’d better delete the files in Library to release space.

Connection Issues

The AirPlay icon only shows when an AirPlay enabled device/speaker is found on the same network.

  • Ensure you are running the latest version of X-Mirage and have the latest iOS software.
  • Verify that your iOS device has Wi-Fi on. Enable Wi-Fi on your iOS device by going to Settings > Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure your iOS devices and Mac are on the same network.

If the AirPlay icon still doesn't appear,

  • Restart your Wi-Fi router, iOS devices and your Mac.
  • Turn off the firewall in System Preferences > Security & Privacy or configure it to allow X-Mirage connection.

If you still can't solve the problem, please contact us and we will help you. Remember to provide us detailed information, including Mac OS version, iOS devices and version and Wi-Fi routers. We will reply to you soon.

The answer is yes. To set up an ad hoc network, you first have to create the computer-to-computer network on one of your Macs. OS X lets you do this quite easily. Create a computer-to-computer network on a Mac: support.apple.com/kb/PH10666.