How to use AirPlay to stream videos, music, and photos to Mac/PC


Learn how to use X-Mirage to AirPlay videos, music, or photos from your iOS 7 device to Mac/PC.


1. Make sure your iOS device and Mac/PC are on the same Wi-Fi network.


2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access Control Center.


AirPlay, x-mirage


3. Tap AirPlay. Now you can see available AirPlay-enabled devices.

4. Tap X-Mirage[your Mac/PC's name], which is the default name, you can change it in the Settings panel of the interface.


x-mirage, AirPlay mirroring, ios7


5. Now when you view Photos, Music or Videos, contents will be streamed to your Mac/PC.


If your device isn't using iOS7


1. Connect your iOS device and Mac/PC to the same Wi-Fi network.


2. Open Videos, Photos or Music app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod.


3. Find the AirPlay icon and tap it, tap X-Mirage[your Mac/PC's name], then the contents are streamed to your Mac/PC.


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