X-Mirage is dedicated to provide better experience between Mac/Windows and iOS devices. X-Mirage has a professional development team and extensive iOS development experience. We believe X-Mirage will bring you an unprecedented experience – that is, enjoy the enlarged iOS devices screen in your Mac/Windows.

Why we need to mirror iOS devices screen to our Mac/Windows? I think that is showing your iOS devices on a bigger screen. Have you ever encountered such a situation, you want to show your friends or families the movie, pictures, music or your recently downloaded game, when they come over and stare at your iPhone or iPad, you feel embarrassed because what you have complimented a lot before is so unappealing just for the tiny screen, you even can't give an all-around display of what you are showing off. Now you should direct your eyes to the Mac/Windows, which has a bigger screen and is more suitable for your display. But, hold on, I don't mean to import what's on your iPhone or iPad to your Mac/Windows, but mirror to your Mac/Windows. Yes, with AirPlay, you can mirror your iOS devices screen to Mac/Windows easily via X-Mirage. You only need to install X-Mirage on your Mac/Windows, then all iOS devices using the same wifi can be mirrored to the Mac/Windows with custom screen dimensions, full screen supported.

Enjoy all contents from your iOS devices on the Mac/Windows that installed X-Mirage.

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